Why Ireland?

Ireland is highly regulated and financially transparent. Strict Irish government regulations require an annual independent third party audit of Kenmare. Kenmare is audited by Grant Thornton, the 6th largest CPA firm in the world. This audit confirms and ensures that the assets 1) exist and 2) are invested in a manner consistent with the investment policy statements of each transaction, so that the contractually obligated payments to attorneys/payees can and will be made.

Ireland’s tax system, in conjunction with the Ireland – U.S Tax Treaty, allows for U.S. income tax deferral to be effective. This is important because it 1) allows attorney fee deferral under U.S. tax law while 2) providing assurance of the future payments due to the safety of the protections offered and required by the Irish government. Specifically, Ireland has an accrual based tax system which allows expenses to be matched with income. The result is more favorable tax treatment of investment income.


AIG Europe Limited

Issuer of $30,000,000 fidelity bond policy against fraud, wrongful acts of employees, premises and transit, and electronic crime.

Centralis International
Corporate Services

Operations division of Kenmare located in Dublin, Ireland. Centralis Group is a leading provider of outsourced corporate services to an international client portfolio. Founded in 2006, Centralis is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in Hungary, Switzerland, United States of America, Ireland, Romania and The Netherlands.

Eastern Point Trust Company (Virginia)

Manager and protector of custodial accounts.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is the 3rd party independent auditor of KACL as required by European Union law.