The Original Independent Assignment Company


Kenmare was established with a singular vision of providing unique financial solutions to plaintiff attorneys and other professionals, with market leading transparency and security not seen anywhere else in the world.


Kenmare offers its clients full access to its operations staff in Ireland, audited financials, and an in-depth dossier which outlines the numerous safeguards built into the program.


Kenmare chose Ireland over less regulated countries because of government mandated third party auditing, oversight, and security requirements. A full explanation of security measures can be found on the “Security” page.

Flexible Investment Options

Kenmare offers its clients powerful investment options not available through traditional channels and has partnered with the top money managers in the world.

About Kenmare

Kenmare Assignment Company Ltd. (KACL) was the first independent assignment company in existence formed for the purpose of accepting periodic payment obligations. These periodic payment obligations primarily include structured contingent attorney fees, structured sale transactions, professional athlete endorsements, employment litigation settlements and other non-personal physical injury tort settlements.

Benefits of Ireland

Ireland is highly regulated and financially transparent. Strict Irish government regulations require an annual independent third party audit of Kenmare. Kenmare is audited by Grant Thornton, the 6th largest CPA firm in the world. This audit confirms and ensures that Kenmare has the assets required to meet its future payment obligations to the attorney/payees, i.e., the assets 1) exist and 2) are invested in a manner consistent with the investment policy statements of each attorney fee, so that the contractually obligated payments to attorney/payees can and will be made.

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